“It begins with a simple question-“Can you do my payroll for 15 people in the UK, 100 people in China, 50 people in Angola and two people in Brazil.”
– Michele Honomichl, CEO

We streamline, manage and support complex business processes through our Payroll Management Services for Expatriate, Local and Offshore Payrolls and provide you with the ability to access and review your data in real time.

We partner with our clients to:

  • Provide solutions to enable organizations to apply better fiscal controls and obtain greater visibility to global payroll processes
  • Improve accuracy through standardizing data to facilitate consolidated reporting and improve overall compliance
  • Streamline processes for greater efficiencies to manage and reduce both costs and risks
  • Manage the entire process of local, offshore and expatriate payrolls
  • Provide treasury and F/X services which help clients reduce the cost of operating overseas bank accounts and often provide better F/X rates due to the volume of currency
  • Support M&A activities, acquisitions and divestures


The key to managing global payroll is careful attention to detail and understanding the business needs of multi-national organizations that need to pay their employees accurately and on-time while remaining compliant.