We take compliance very seriously.  While we’re all about making your life simpler, we’re rigid about following specific guidelines and intricacies. These policies are about protecting you, your employees, and your country.

Local Compliance on a Global Scale
Celergo understands the need for providing payroll services that are timely and compliant with local statutory regulations. Our network of experts can align your global payroll needs to the local payroll regulatory requirements of each country to produce and deliver timely and accurate statutory payroll data all across the globe.

Safe Harbor Certified
Safe Harbor is the policy agreement established between the United States Department of Commerce and the European Union (E.U.) in November 2000 to regulate the way that U.S. companies export and handle the personal data (such as names and addresses) of European citizens. The agreement establishes a framework between U.S. and E.U. privacy procedures. U.S. companies that don’t join Safe Harbor must obtain authorization separately from each European country.

We self-certify compliance with:



OFAC – Office of Foreign Assets Control
Celergo is continually working towards providing a higher level of service and increased security measures for data and our clients. Celergo’s newest measure is establishing an OFAC Policy to assist with the detection of transactions that may involve money laundering or terrorist financing and report applicable situations to OFAC, a division of the U.S. Treasury Department. Celergo has a legal obligation to avoid doing business with persons and entities on the OFAC list; to block payment of funds to anyone and any entity on the list; and to file timely reports of all such actions with OFAC. Celergo monitors and supports company-wide compliance with the OFAC Policy.

SSAE 16 Certified
SSAE 16 effectively replaces Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 (SAS 70) for service auditor’s reporting periods ending on or after June 15, 2011. The Type 2 certification is technically known as a “Report on Management’s Description of a Service Organization’s System and the Suitability of the Design and Operating Effectiveness of Controls.”  Standard of Control (SOC) 1 reports will be geared towards service organizations that are reporting on controls relevant to internal control over financial reporting (ICFR). Many of the requirements and overall elements within SSAE 16 are essentially similar to that of SAS 70, with some exceptions as noted below.

1. Management of the Service Organization will be required to provide a written assertion about the following, which the service auditor will then attest to:

  1. The fairness of the presentation of the description of the service organization’s system;
  2. The suitability of the design of the controls to achieve the related control objectives stated in the description; and
  3. The operating effectiveness of those controls to achieve the related control objectives stated in the description (Type II Only)

2. During the process of understanding the service organization’s system, the Service Auditor would be required to obtain information that would identify risks that the description of the service organization’s system is not fairly presented or that the control objectives stated in the description were not achieved due to intentional actions by service organization personnel.